Tuesday, 24 May 2011

Untitled (In the woods)

Been experimenting with some comps and different techniques. So i present my latest piece in a slightly larger version than usual so you can have a good old look!

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hampstead Heath

Went out with the Minolta at the weekend to Hampstead Heath. Shot on Rollei film, which has higher sensitivity to the red end of the spectrum which means it is near infra-red, i used a yellow filter for these shots but with a red one you get a much more pronounced IR effect. The effect which you can see here is green foliage turned much whiter than you would get with regular b+w film.The first image is actually a black and white taken from the same roll of film as the others, however i have coloured it by hand in post (which takes ages!), this actually turned out pretty great.
Developing: 17.5 minutes in rodinal, 1:50 dilution at 20 degrees.
Shot on : Rollei retro 400s on a Minolta autocord+yellow filter.

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

Baishakhi Mela

Here's a few shots i developed last night but laid out randomly here. Last weekend was the Baishakhi Mela festival in Bangla Town so there's a few shots from there in here. The others are odd shots from rolls of film I've shot. A few of which turned out really nice such as the insane chain man and the oddly developed taxi.
Nerdy bit: Shot on FP4 (120) and HP5 (35mm), developed in rodinol - 15 mins @ 1:50 and 17 mins @ 1:70 respectively. Toned in post.

Thursday, 5 May 2011

Getting Medieval!

Some recent pictures taken last weekend in and around Lincoln Cathedral and Castle. One of the images you can see the small grounds of Lucy's tower where the executions took place inside the castle. Here the small headstones had only the executed persons initials on. It's also where this 'bird' came to lay. Such a death chamber. DARK!
(Shot on Ilford Hp5+ 400, Dev - Rodinol 8 mins, 20 degrees.)