Monday, 20 June 2011


Some more experimental photography for you now. I shot a roll of film yesterday with my pinhole converted Holga. The plastic lens has been taken off and replaced with a piece of copper with a tiny hole and a sliding shutter. Then i taped up the back of the entire thing to stop light getting into the plastic body, so it looked fairly sketchy haha. The pinhole equals something around F215, so its super small. Using 400 film in this camera on a fairly bright day, the exposure lengths aren't bad at all. I had to do a few calculations to work it out using a regular light meter. Exposures ranged from 1/4 of a second, to 3 seconds. The only thing i didn't know was the focal length, so framing was hit and miss! By the look of them, it's pretty wide...maybe 12mm equivalent or something. I was pretty surprised by how well they exposed too. I decided to use a strong development to add contrast too. The didn't turn out too bad considering there was no lens involved in making any of these! My favorite is the bottom double exposure of the tree above the canal, which was accidental haha.

Rollei retro 400s, dev 20 degrees, 10.5 mins in rodinal. 30 second inversions.

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